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What should we pay attention to in the design of Y-shaped sealing ring?

The shape and model of Y-type sealing ring can be designed or selected according to the use conditions and reference standards; The groove design can generally be based on the selected Y-type sealing ring to check the corresponding standard to obtain its shape, size and tolerance. As a general design principle for sealing devices, the following points should be noted:

1) The chamber containing the sealing ring should be designed as simple, compact and easy to disassemble as possible.

2) The gap between the support parts and the compression parts and the cylinder wall (or piston rod) should not be too large; But it can not be too small, otherwise it is easy to produce clamping phenomenon when it is acted on by eccentric load, resulting in damage.

3) When used in a dusty working environment, it is necessary to use a reliable dust-proof ring cylinder seal.

4) When designing the installation part of the sealing ring, try to avoid excessive stretching when installing the sealing ring.

5) Should pay attention to the sealing ring installation direction, do not make the load pressure on the back of the sealing ring.

6) The roughness of the sealing ring relative to the sliding surface is generally more appropriate Ra=0.2μm, and the working conditions are not too strict, can be taken. Ra=0.4μm. No machining defects are allowed on the sliding surface.


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