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What are the causes of O-ring groove damage?

In the repair of mechanical equipment, through the inspection of the damage of the groove of the 0 seal ring, not only can know the damage condition and cause, but also can obtain the relevant information of the hydraulic system.

The radial incision or bite caused by the O-ring groove may be caused by excessive pressure, sharp contact Angle, excessive sealing gap of the moving part, or improper installation and soft rubber ring material, but it does not exclude the long-term overheating of the hydraulic system;

(2) O-ring grooves produce axial notches, which may be caused by scratches or uneven gaps during installation;

(3) The O-ring groove flattening deformation is caused by poor material and insufficient elasticity;

O-ring serious wear is due to poor lubrication, if the distortion is improperly installed;

If the O-ring expands, it means that the hydraulic oil is not suitable or the rubber ring material is improper;

Local damage may be improperly installed, or the oil contains impurities, or may be caused by the rotating part;

O-ring fracture indicates overheating of the system. Should check the oil quality type and pressure is too high, cooling condition is good.


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