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What are the replacement steps of automobile oil seal?

Automotive oil seal is used for engine crankshaft and camshaft sealing cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles and other transmission systems (such as gearbox, hub, axle, differential) sealing forklift, then to the car oil seal replacement steps are what?

Replacement of automobile oil seal:

1. When removing the installation part of the oil seal, be sure to replace the new oil seal;

2. When removing the oil seal, please do not damage the inner surface of the cavity hole;

3. When replacing with a new oil seal, leave about 2mm seam in the cavity hole. When the lip end of the new oil seal contacts the shaft, the contact part of the old oil seal is withdrawn.

Installation method of automobile oil seal:

1. First, lightly coat the shaft surface and chamfer with lubricating oil or mineral oil. When the shaft is inserted into the oil seal or is being inserted, the lip should be prevented from warping;

2. Please insert the shaft into the oil seal carefully and keep the center of the oil seal concentric with the center of the shaft;

3. When the shaft is loaded into the heavy cavity weight or the long shaft is inserted into the mechanically assembled cavity during the installation of the oil seal, the lip end is damaged by force in part of the lip part, so please assemble the shaft and the cavity before assembling the oil seal. When the oil seal cannot be retrofitted, please consider setting the guiding device for the cavity and shaft.


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