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What is the appearance inspection of rubber seals?

When performing the appearance inspection of rubber seals, the following contents are mainly checked:

1. Dimensions: Check whether the dimensions of rubber seals meet the design requirements. Including length, width, height and other parameters to ensure that the size deviation is within the allowable range. 

2. Surface quality: Check whether the surface of the rubber seal is smooth and flat, without bubbles, cracks, depressions and other defects. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the surface has no obvious impurities, dust and other factors affecting the quality. 

3. Structural integrity: Check whether the internal structure of the rubber seal is complete, no fracture, delamination and other phenomena. For insert seals, ensure that inserts are firm and do not shift.

4. Color and texture: Check whether the color of the rubber seal is uniform and without color difference. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the rubber texture is uniform, no bubbles, impurities and other problems.

5. Identification and coating: Check whether there is a clear identification on the rubber seal, including product name, specifications, production date and other information. For coated rubber seals, it is necessary to ensure that the coating is uniform, clean, and without falling off.

Through the inspection of the appearance, the quality problems of rubber seals can be found and eliminated, including uneven materials, poor processing, cracks after installation and use. These problems not only affect the performance and life of rubber seals, but also may cause safety hazards. Therefore, the appearance inspection of rubber seals is of great significance.

During the appearance inspection, the following points should be noted: 

1. Follow the safety regulations: When performing the appearance inspection, pay attention to follow the relevant safety regulations to avoid accidental injury caused by improper operation.

2. Ensure inspection efficiency: Scientific and effective inspection methods should be adopted to improve inspection efficiency and ensure the accuracy of inspection results.

3. Pay attention to environmental conditions: ensure that the working environment is clean and dry during inspection to avoid dust, impurities and other factors affecting the inspection results.

4. Reference to relevant standards: In the appearance inspection, refer to the relevant quality standards and inspection specifications to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the inspection results. 

5. Timely record and feedback: For the problems found in the inspection process, it is necessary to timely record and feedback to the production department for improvement, and follow up the handling of the problems.

In short, the appearance inspection of rubber seals is an important quality management work to ensure that the appearance quality and performance of products meet the requirements, and avoid potential quality problems affecting the performance of equipment and the safety of use. Through scientific and reasonable appearance inspection, the overall quality level of the product can be improved, and the risk and cost caused by quality problems can be reduced. Therefore, in the process of production and use of rubber seals, we should pay attention to the appearance inspection work, and take effective measures and methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection results, and escort the quality and safety of the products.


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