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What is spring energized seal? The characteristic and application of spring energized seals.

The spring energized seal from Forever Seals is consisting of a U-shaped jacket and a special corrosion resistant spring with high performance. With PTFE's excellent physical and chemical properties, the expected sealing performance is continuously maintained. Next, let's take a look at the characteristics and applications of spring energized seals.

PTFE spring energized seals by the appropriate spring tension and system fluid pressure, the sealing lip out and gently press the metal surface is sealed to form a very excellent sealing effect.


The characteristics of spring energized seals:

1. Sealing performance is not affected by insufficient lubrication when starting

2. Effectively reduce wear and friction resistance

3. Through the matching of different sealing materials and springs, different sealing forces can be displayed to meet various application requirements

4. Made by special CNC processing machine, no mold cost - especially suitable for a small number of diverse seals

5. Chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance is far better than the commonly used seal rubber, stable size, no volume swelling or shrinkage derived from the problem of sealing performance deterioration

6. Compact structure, can be installed in the standard O-ring groove, greatly improve the sealing capacity and service life

7. The groove of the seal can be filled with any anti-contamination material (such as silicone)- but not for radiation environments

8. Because the sealing material is Teflon, very clean, no pollution process friction coefficient is very low, even in the very low speed application is also very smooth, no "lag slip effect"

9. Small starting friction resistance, even if the shutdown time is long or intermittent operation, can maintain low starting power performance

10. Spring energized seals are special seals developed for high-temperature corrosion, difficult lubrication and low friction applications. The combination of different Teflon composites, advanced engineered plastics and corrosion resistant metal springs can fully meet the increasingly demanding and diverse needs of the industry


Typical applications of spring energized seals:

1. Axial seals for rotary joint of loading and unloading arm

2, spray paint valve parts or other spray paint system seals

3. Seals for vacuum pumps

4, beverage, water, beer loading equipment (such as loading valve) and food industry seals

5, automotive, aerospace industry seals, such as power direction machine

6. Seals for metering equipment (low friction, long life)

7. Seals for other process equipment or pressure vessels

Working limit: pressure: 700kg/cm2 temperature: -- 200 -- 300℃ Linear speed: 20m/s

Use medium: oil, water, steam, air, solvent, medicine, food, acid and alkali, chemical solution


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