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The application of spring energized seals

Main applications of spring energized seals from Forever Seals:

Spring energized seals are special seals developed for high temperature corrosion, difficult lubrication and low friction applications. The combination of different PTFE composite materials, advanced engineered plastics and corrosion resistant metal springs can fully meet the increasingly demanding and diverse requirements of the industry. Such as food industry, medicine, petroleum, chemical machinery and equipment, valves, vacuum pumps, pressure vessels, hydraulic cylinders, aerospace equipment and so on.

The typical applications of Forever Seals are below:

1. high temperature sealing

Modern industrial cylinder, many places need high temperature cylinder seal, such as pressure casting cylinder, metallurgical cylinder, kiln cylinder, automobile engine seal and so on, the highest temperature can reach about 300℃.

2. low temperature sealing

Liquefied nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied carbon dioxide, liquefied oxygen and other sealed, the minimum temperature of -200℃.

3. high pressure sealing

Large tonnage press, high pressure water cutting machine, air compressor, the highest pressure up to 400Mpa.

4. high speed sealing

High speed shaft, speed up to 30-40 meters per second;High speed reciprocating cylinder, telescopic speed up to 15-20 meters per second.

5. special working medium seal

High temperature water vapor, sea water, brake oil, acid base, etc.

6. Low friction

Typical such as servo cylinder.

7. long life seal

Wind power variable paddle cylinder, building shock absorber cylinder.

8. large oil cylinder seal

Crane cylinder, stack up oil cylinder.

9. health and safety sealing

At present, a lot of food and drug contact seals have been used spring energized seal.

10. Quick response cylinder

The installation groove of the seal is small, and the structural parts of the cylinder can be lighter, and the friction resistance is small, which can greatly improve the dynamic performance of the cylinder and create a better rapid response cylinder.

From the above application conditions, we can get the characteristics of the spring energized seals:

1. reciprocating and rotating (swing), static seal can be used.

2. can be applied to almost all fluids and chemical media.

3. high and low pressure and vacuum sealing, sealing performance is good.

4. Low friction, small starting resistance, smooth movement, no crawling.

5. high life, can be used for oil-free lubrication seal.

6. a variety of materials for choice, can adapt to the rapid change of temperature and various kinds of complex conditions.

7. No pollution to the medium when contacting with food and medicine.

8. can be disinfected, almost no storage period limit.

The disadvantage of the spring energized seal is also some!The installation grooves are generally open or semi-open, especially for small diameter cylinders.In this way, the design, manufacture and installation of the cylinder may increase certain costs.In addition, the sealing manufacturing process is turning forming, the production efficiency is low, the manufacturing cost is higher than that of ordinary seals, so the procurement cost is relatively high.

Although the cost of spring energized seal is high at present, its advantages are not only significant but also irreplaceable under specific circumstances. With the improvement of equipment performance and work reliability requirements, the cost of equipment maintenance labor is becoming increasingly expensive, and the spring energized seal gradually highlights the advantages of high cost performance, and its application is becoming more and more widely.


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