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The application of oil seals for robotic arm

Robotic arm oil seal, planetary reducer oil seal, servo motor oil seal, NOK oil seal

How to solve the oil leakage of ABB robot gear box reducer?

The main ways of oil leakage of industrial robot gear box reducer are:

1.Gear reducer output oil leakage: this is the most common method of oil leakage.

2.Oil leakage of reducer motor: oil leakage at the connection of reducer and motor.

3.Speed reduction oil leakage: operation speed and oil volume to determine.

Analysis of ABB robot gear box reducer oil leakage causes:

1. Because the oil seal is the key factor of the sealing effect of the shaft of the gearbox reducer, the grinding wear of the sealing work is caused by the long continuous temperature sliding contact between the friction and the oil seal;The speed of the shaft is also affected by the faster the temperature rise, the more the temperature, the wear and burn of the oil seal, resulting in the sealing failure of the oil seal, shortening the service life of the oil seal;

2. The long-term use of reducer leads to worse journal wear, reducing or even eliminating the sealing effect of oil seal;At the same time the surface roughness of reducer shaft is also an important reason for the wear of oil seal;

Analysis of common faults of ABB robot reducer oil seepage

Due to the bad operation environment of industrial reducer, there are often wear, leakage and other faults, which are manifested in the following aspects:

(1) Wear of reducer bearing chamber.

It also includes the wear of the housing bearing box, the bearing room of the inner hole of the box body and the bearing room of the gearbox.The occurrence of this situation is mainly in the installation of the shaft and bearing, the shaft parallelism and coaxiality adjustment is not proper, in the long running process there is a partial force (radial or axial) or abnormal vibration of the box, causing the shaft and bearing force on the bearing chamber to produce certain wear.

(2) Reducer gear shaft diameter wear.

ABB robot reducer oil seepage maintenance, the main wear parts in the shaft head, keyway, etc.This kind of failure is caused by frequent overload startup and material problems of some parts in the operation process.

(3) Reducer drive shaft bearing wear or bearing failure.

Incorrect assembly will not only accelerate the wear of bearings, but also cause faults such as fracture and high temperature bite.Especially for bearings that cannot be self-aligning, when the machining accuracy of the journal or bearing seat hole is poor or improperly installed, and the deflection of the shaft is too large, the inner and outer rings of the bearing will tilt each other, so that the bearing workload is uneven, and the pressure concentration will be prematurely destroyed.

(4) leakage of reducer joint surface.

The phenomenon of oil leakage at the joint surface of gearbox box body and bearing end cover is mainly caused by the leakage of sealing gasket or sealant coating process on the joint surface.Improper maintenance process, in equipment maintenance, due to the joint surface of dirt is not completely removed, or improper sealant selection, sealing direction is reversed, do not replace seals in time will cause oil leakage, in strengthening the assembly process requirements can be avoided.

(5) Gear tooth failure of reducer.

Common tooth failure forms are: tooth broken and tooth surface damage.Tooth fracture generally occurs at the root of the tooth because of the bending stress and stress concentration at the root.The damage of tooth surface can be divided into fatigue pitting, abrasive wear, bonding and plastic deformation.

The measures to prevent tooth failure include: improving the hardness and roughness of tooth surface;Choose lubricants with higher viscosity;Supply adequate lubricating oil and keep lubricating oil clean;Avoid frequent startup and serious overload and impact;Improve assembly quality and strengthen maintenance management.

ABB robot oil leakage repair solutions:

1. Replace the seal;

2. Overhaul the surface of the box body and replace it if the deformation is serious;

3. Clean the oil return tank and tighten the bolts.

At present, the design of micro gear reduction motor is a closed structure, with function.

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