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The PI filled PTFE piston ring of air compressor

Forever Seals can manufacture many kinds of PTFE piston ring of oil free air compressor. Light weight, small volume, low noise, simple maintenance without oil, pure gas without oil, no damage to the advantages of grinding materials.By adopting advanced technology, it greatly changes the service life of domestic oil-free piston ring products and overcomes the service life problem of domestic oil-free products. The equipment can be used in industrial, commercial, life, medical and other equipment industries.In all parts of oil-free quiet air compressor, the leather bowl is an important fragile part. The quality of piston ring (leather bowl) directly affects the performance of air compressor.RPTFE composite piston rings (leather bowl) with different material composition should be selected for different uses of oil-free silent air compressors.There are many factors affecting the selection of leather bowl varieties, such as the material of the grinding piston cylinder liner is plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ceramics, etc.The circulation medium is air, oil and gas, refrigerant, ozone and so on;The temperature of use is normal temperature, or -40 low temperature, such as liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen under the ultra-low temperature conditions without losing its lubricity;It is used for household, medical, industrial, commercial and so on.According to the requirements of different working conditions of customers, we need to provide different varieties of PT FE composite piston ring (leather bowl), the color of piston ring (leather bowl) is black, yellow, brown, etc., the color is different performance and use is not the same.


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